seminars & consulting
seminars & consulting

Presenting inspiring and creative teaching content like webinars, seminars, lectures, audiobooks, publications, round tables, translations, advices and consultations for almost 30 years.

Unique with his whole life of autodidactic studies, deep interest in a wide range of sciences and encyclopaedic knowledge in a myriad of topics.

He’s well known in Lithuania as an interesting public figure, polymath, and one of the most active leading public speakers.

about Tomas G:

"I really liked your approach, your ability to convince people, make them rethink their priorities, and allow others to understand that what they are doing is right. It gave me exceptional strength because today’s media hardly ever writes about the positive, and I had almost started to doubt my own common sense. I admired your erudition, multi-faceted approach and consistency. Your belief in what you are doing and your energy are infectious."

- Rasa Martens, CEO

"Participants were enthralled by the secrets Tomas uncovered about the search for the vein of gold. We hope that we will have more occasions to hear Tomas speak about the world that surrounds us. Once again, heartfelt thanks go to Tomas!"

- Evelina Tamulaitienė, organiser of the JCI Kaunas networking event

"Tomas’ seminars always present a point of view that is untraditional, the topics are unexpected, as are the connections he makes. His insight is very valuable."

- Jurga Sakalauskaitė, Marketing director, UAB LITfas

"Tomas is a great expert for businesses. Listening to a series of his lectures really helps find the key to resolving conflict and controlling emotions."

- Grigaravičius Rimantas, chief executive, Baldų Rojus

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